Saturday, May 2, 2009

E71 Cheat Code

To show IMEI: *#06#
To show firmware version: *#0000#
To show MAC address: *#62209526#

Sunday, April 26, 2009

3CX and CM Phone

Finally, I got it worked!

Worked means:
  1. 3CX Free Edition installed, up and running
  2. My Nokia E71 and N82 are able to work as extensions
  3. CM Phone account able to work as VoIP provider

The following features are enabled:

  1. Inter-extension calls
  2. Extension to PSTN calls
  3. PSTN to extension calls
  4. Voice mail
  5. Check voice via extension and PSTN


Security Articles Initiative

It is really difficult to write every day.

The idea had been changed in two ways:
  1. Changed to 2 articles per week
  2. Increase around 250 words to 500 words

I hope this is practical.