Monday, August 31, 2009

I was on sick leave today

What do you think if you were on sick leave?

I made my status available for I was on sick leave after I had visited my family doctor. One of my friends sent me a MSN message: “You are so good that you are on leave.”

I was surprised.

In fact, I think going back to office for work is fun. I am not very happy that I need to stay at home doing nothing. I think my friend is not making fun during his work, so his mindset thinking people on sick leave are so good…

Ubuntu 9.04 on Laptop

Really great.

My laptop was originally installed with Windows XP SP3, however the speed is really slow. I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my Dell D420 with a WWAN 5520 Card. This really gives slow laptop a chance for reborn.
The most impressive thing is mobile broadband support. Right on the first boot after installation, the network editor asked for a few questions.

Within some points and clicks, I am connected with the 3.5G network!

I think Ubuntu 9.04 is more than enough for general purpose use on modern laptop.